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"I have participated in a few of Keira’s programmes and each one has made a positive impact on my life. I cannot recommend Keira enough if you want to change your relationship with food that will not only help you eat healthier but see changes within many other areas of your life!"

"I contacted Keira as I needed to gain control of the nutritional aspect of my life. Keira took a holistic approach to my needs, looking at every aspect of both my physical and mental well-being and how my diet related. Through her amazing listening skills and non-judgemental approach, Keira identified areas within my nutritional intake that were lacking and also explained how this was affecting other areas of my life e.g. tiredness, aching joints etc.  With her advice, support and guidance I was able to make small but significant changes in my diet that really helped."


Meet Keira.

Hi, I am Keira. I am a nutritional therapist, a mum of 2, a lover of Italian and Mexican food, camomile tea, country living, and have a real love for cooking, baking and recipe creating.


Whether you are here to check out recipes, or would like to book a discovery call for one of the Nutritional Therapy Programmes, or health and food intolerance / allergy testing, welcome to Keira Louisa Nutrition. I am excited you are here.


I studied Nutritional Therapy after seeing and feeling first hand 5 years ago what a balanced lifestyle and nutritious diet can do for your body, and how it can literally transform the way you feel and look.


About 6 months after becoming a first time Mum i felt exhausted all day, every day. This wasn't the usual tiredness that i had felt before, it was extreme tiredness, painful joints, headaches, problem skin, dark circles (which were not down to just the lack of sleep!)  and i was constantly craving sugar.


Fed up of feeling like this every single day, I decided to make changes into my diet, and then my lifestyle.


The difference within 2 to 3 months was amazing. 


I had energy, my hormones balanced out, my skin dramatically improved, my dark circles greatly reduced, my joints stopped being so painful, i was sleeping better, and my cravings for sugar had stopped.


This is was all possible because i understood which foods made my body react in a negative way. Because of this i was able to create a balanced and nutritious diet tailored to my needs.


Throughout my time as a nutritional therapist it has become clear to me that eating well for our own individual needs has become so hard. When did it become so difficult to eat a healthy balanced diet?


With so many fad diets promising unrealistic results, or another gimmick detox it is no wonder that eating a balanced diet has become overwhelming.

It is time to strip back all the BS that eating a healthy balanced diet has to be time consuming, overwhelming and expensive… I promise you that it doesn't need to be difficult. Infact, once i show you how you will be amazed at how simple it really can be.


I am all about real food that is easy to prepare, with ingredients that are easy to find in supermarkets, and most importantly delicious and nourishing to eat. We do not do bland food here at Keira Louisa nutrition HQ!!

You will hear me talk about balance a lot. I am a huge believer in the 80/20 rule.

I enjoy eating a nutritious balanced diet, but I also enjoy  a glass of wine, and even the odd take away.


Balance for me is key.


You see...For me, mindset plays a huge part in the way we choose our food. When we create negative thoughts and emotions towards the food we eat. This is when it becomes all too easy to create a toxic relationship with our diet...Hence yo-yo dieting, food guilt, and that all to familiar “The diet will start on Monday, next week , or next month” How about we give our self permission to eat what we would like to eat, but add balance in the mix.


Let's stop the all or nothing approach, and create a balanced diet that works with your own unique body needs, and lifestyle.


Feel free to ask me any questions, i would be delighted to have a chat and see how i can help you make changes within your diet and lifestyle.

The greatest wealth is health

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