The Energised Mum - 8 Week Programme

I designed this programme specifically for Mum’s who are feeling constantly tired and burnt out within their lives, and want to make long lasting changes to create a healthier and balanced lifestyle.


Whether you are a stay at home Mum, or a working Mum, it can feel like you are constantly juggling a never ending to do list, and there never seems to be any time to create that ever elusive healthier lifestyle.


There is so much pressure these days to live our lives at a ridiculous fast pace that it is no wonder that we can not keep up with all the daily demands around us. This leads us into living a life of constant overwhelm, and pressure which in the end leaves us feeling exhausted and eventually burnt out.


It is impossible to create a healthy and balanced lifestyle when you do not give yourself the time to take care of yourself.


Our physical, mental and emotional health is all connected.

What we eat and nourish our bodies with can have a huge effect on our moods, weight, energy levels, how we sleep, our stress / anxiety levels, skin and so much more 


I have been in your shoes...I know exactly what it is like to feel exhausted, and burnt out. I totally understand that time can be an issue. But if you do not make changes to your diet and lifestyle then nothing is going to change.


So where do you start?


The Energised Mum Programme will give you the support, tools and techniques to create a Healthier and balanced lifestyle that will have you feeling energised, and  motivated each day.


We are going to create a diet that is full of real food that is going to help your body thrive. No rules and restrictions. Just REAL food that is easy to prepare, delicious and nourishing.


With the strategies i have created The Energised Mum Programme will give the tools to create that healthier lifestyle that you want.


This programme is about giving yourself permission to slow down, eat well, and really take the time to look after yourself and implement self-care. Together we are going to create a healthy and happy balanced approach to your life.

Throughout this 8 week programme we are going to work through areas of your life that you feel have caused you to lose balance, create easy and delicious meal plans that will help your body thrive, and create a more balanced lifestyle that makes you feel vibrant, healthy, happy and energised.


It is time to put down the endless lists, re-evaluate your commitments, and prioritise what is important to you. Let’s create a diet that works for your body and lifestyle, and create more time in your busy schedules so you can learn to slow down, live well, nourish your body and create balance.

 What do you get in the Energised Mum programme and how could it help?:

  •  1 x clarity call (60 minutes)

  •  7 x 30 minute calls (1 each week throughout the programme, or the choice of 1 hour call fortnightly)

  •   Discuss your food journals

  •   Delicious, easy recipes that are healthy

  •   Shopping lists for your tailored plans

  •   Learn how to nourish your body and eat well without rules and restrictions

  •   Look at how what you eat can affect how you think and feel

  •   Create sustainable lifestyle changes that will have long term effects - Create time within your busy schedule to enable you to slow down

  •   Improve sleep quality

  •   Increase energy levels

  •   Learn to create balance and implement selfcare

  •   Improve confidence and learn to say no

  •   Find your healthy weight without dieting

  •   Create personal goals and implement strategies to achieve your goals

  •   Reduce stress and anxiety

  •   Discuss lifestyle concerns

  •   Create a healthier mindset on how you eat and treat yourself

  •   Email support in-between sessions (Monday to Friday)

  •   Full support in helping you reach your health and happiness goals

  •  Accountability partner

  •  1 x 30 minute call a month after programme has been completed  

          £500 - instalment plans available - Please contact for more details and to book your free discovery call

                                                  Sessions are via Skype,  Zoom or phone call.