The feel good diet membership

Would you like:


15 new dinner recipes and shopping lists done for you every single month (no more scrolling through pinterest, cookbooks, magazines for inspiration for meal plans)


A private Facebook group which will have: New breakfasts, lunch and snack recipes added every single week


Adaptable and delicious recipes


Support and guides in building a healthier lifestyle in easy and manageable steps


A community of like minded people who all want to create a healthier diet and lifestyle


Monthly Q&A’s to answer any questions that you may have


Cooking and meal prep tips and tricks.

Potentially save between  £20  - £50 a month on your food bills ( That is a potential saving of between £240 - £600 a year)

Stop food wastage by planning and utilising left overs

Save time every week not having to plan dinners each week.


I can help you:


Stop the fad diets


Save you time, money and stress with my done for you dinner meal plans


Create a healthier relationship with food


Stop the overthinking when it comes to what to eat


Make cooking and planning super easy


Create a healthier and happier lifestyle


The feel good diet membership is for you if:


You want to create a balanced and varied diet without restrictions


You eat a varied diet of meat, fish and plants.

You would like to use more fresh ingredients


You would like done for meal plans and shopping lists


You would like to save time and money each week on your food shop


You would like support in creating healthier diet, and habits


You would like delicious easy recipes that are easy, and adaptable 


You want to feel good about your diet, without restrictions, or negativity.


Would you like a diet that :


No food is off limit


There is no calorie counting, weighing or measuring your self.


Only delicious food, that is simple to cook, and easy to adapt into your daily life.


I want to help inspire you to cook more ( and actually enjoy it), become more adventurous with food, and most importantly, feel good about your diet.

Are you ready to Feel good about your Diet?

How does the subscription work?

When you sign up to the Feel good diet membership subscription I will email you using the email address that you used to subscribe with  within 24 hours to send your 15 recipes, a meal planner printable, a kitchen organiser printable, 20 of my favourite smoothie recipes (with 5 bonus smoothie bowl recipes) and the link to the Private face book group which has new breakfast, lunch and snack recipes added every  week, as well as monthly Q&A's, and support to help you create a healthier  mindset and lifestyle.


Payments are taken on the same date of each month that you originally started the subscription on, and can be cancelled using this link at any time.

Still not sure?

I am always here to answer any questions that you may have. Please email me at