Family Nutrition - 4 Week Programme

As a mum to 2 children I completely understand how important it is as a parent to want to provide our family nutritious and delicious food. I also understand that as a busy parent you do not have the time, nor do you probably want to spend hours in the kitchen preparing a meal. Add a fussy eater to the mix and meal times can just be plain exhausting.

You may be here because you know you want to get your families health back on track, but you just need a little help to get you to your family health goals… Maybe you are fed up with the constant colds that the little ones are getting from nursery or school, or could it be that with so much conflicting advice out there with what to eat or what not to eat you just want and need a simple plan that is practical, and will fit into your busy family lifestyle

Whatever your reason is. I want you to share it with me as I want to help.

“Food has the ability to affect our moods, sleep, energy levels, behaviour and our concentration. Not just for us as adults but for our children too.”


How can my programme help you and what do you get?

  •   1 x hour discovery session to discuss your current family health and discuss you family health goals

  •   3 x 40 minute weekly calls to discuss progress.

  • Delicious, easy recipes that are healthy

  • Shopping lists

  • Meal plans

  • Learn how to create your own meal plans that is suited for busy families

  • Help with Fussy eaters, and how to create a more calming atmosphere during meal times

  • Learn ways to cut your food costs and easy effective ways to save you time and energy in the kitchen.

  • Learn which key staples to have in your cupboards to stop you needing to reach for those more convenient foods.

  • Have a better understanding of nutrition and how it affects you and your family

  • Useful handouts with each session

  • Support in-between sessions via email ( Monday through to Friday)

How could changing the way I nourish my family benefit you?


  • Improve your family’s immune system

  • Improve your energy levels

  • Improve your moods

  • Improve sleep patterns

  • Improve skin (really useful for teenagers prone to breakouts)

  • Improve concentration

  • Save money and stop wastage in the kitchen

  • Save you time

  • No more cooking separate meals for you and the kids

  • Advice on how to help with fussy eaters



        £225 - Please contact for more details and to book your free discovery call


                               Sessions are via Skype,  Zoom or phone call.