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The feel good diet - individual 1 to 1 session


I believe that now more than ever is the perfect chance to really focus on our own health and wellness.


The feel good diet individual sessions are perfect for those who have had enough of fad diets, restrictions, detoxes, negative thoughts and feelings around their diet, and would like to create a diet that makes them feel good inside and out without restrictions, weigh-ins, and calorie counting.


How does The feel good diet individual sessions work, and what do you get?


Before we even start our session, you shall receive an in depth questionnaire, a nutrition assessment and a 1 week food diary which is to be completed before we have our session.


From your assessments, questionnaire, and diary this allows me to create a tailored call based on your answers, and to create a 4 week individually tailored meal plan.


Your tailored meal plan will include, breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.


Throughout our 1 hour session we shall discuss your questionnaire, assessment, and diary.

Create easy and manageable steps to create a healthier diet, and ensure you have what you need to support your health goals


Every one of my clients also gets the added bonus of email / message support for 14 days ( Monday - Friday) after our session to really support you with health and wellness goals


1 hour session

In Depth health and lifestyle questionnaire

Food diary

4 week tailored meal plan (Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks)

14 days extra support after our call

BONUS  - wellness guide to support you to create healthy habits.


Your investment - £145 


If you feel you are ready, and want to create a healthier and happier lifestyle please DM to see if we are a good fit to work with each other, by booking a free 15 minute discovery call.