COVID-19 Antibody Test

In the exception of tests purchased for the Food intolerance tests, Essential health check test and the Covid 19 Antibody test , your details are never passed on to any third parties unless I have your consent  / permission

Test purchased which i process through Lorisian / York Test Laboratories require your name, and shipping address to be able to send you the required tests. By purchasing a test you accept these conditions


Government-approved coronavirus test

Remove the uncertainty and take the COVID-19 IgG Antibody Test to show whether you have been exposed to the coronavirus.

Using a UK Government approved antibody test, York test labarotories provide a complete home to laboratory COVID-19 IgG Antibody testing service; whereby you provide a small blood sample from the comfort of your own home and post this directly to our accredited partner laboratory for analysis.

  • CE marked finger-prick blood collection kit provided by YorkTest

  • Using a laboratory test, which has been approved by the MHRA and Public Health England

  • The test has been found to demonstrate 98.5% sensitivity and 99.5% specificity

  • Receive your results usually within 3 working days of receipt

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Measuring COVID-19 IgG Antibodies


COVID-19 IgG antibodies increase after exposure to the COVID-19 virus and reach a peak of 100% detectability 20 days after the onset of symptoms. If you have had symptoms of coronavirus, then it is best to collect your blood sample more than 20 days after your symptoms started.

  • The test will not be offered to those who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

  • Suitable for people over the age of 18.


Please note: test results will be described as either negative, borderline or positive.

A positive or borderline result does not mean that you won’t catch the virus again or carry and transmit the virus onto someone else, nor does it mean that you are immune to having another COVID-19 infection in the future.

How does the COVID-19 IgG Antibody test work?

1 Order your test.

Order online and we will post an easy-to-use blood collection kit directly to your home.

2 Collect your blood sample.

The kit provides everything that you need. Collect a few drops of blood from a simple finger-prick blood test.

3 Post sample to laboratory.

Post your blood sample back to our laboratory using the envelope and instructions provided.

4 Get your test results.

Receive your test results by email usually within three days in an easy to understand format.

What’s in the test kit?


York test laboratories provide everything you need in your coronavirus testing kit to ensure that you can take a valid test from the comfort of your own home. It’s no extra cost to return your sample, as the home-to-laboratory testing kit includes a free prepaid envelope.

  • A prepaid return envelope (England, Scotland, and Wales only)

  • One customer letter

  • Two single-use lancets

  • One blood collection tube

  • One plastic blood collection tube case

  • Two adhesive plasters

  • A cleansing wipe

  • One blood collection pot holder


This is an MHRA / Public Health England, who are part of the UK Government, approved laboratory analysed test and not a rapid antibody home test. Rapid antibody home tests have not been approved by the UK Government nor have they passed stringent MHRA guidelines.

Further information

Why choose York Test Labatories

UK Government approved

York Test Laboratories provide 1 of only 2 UK Government approved IgG COVID-19 antibody tests (approved by the MHRA and Public Health England).

Our heritage

York Test Laboratories have over 35 years of scientific expertise, researching and developing our knowledge in the field of diagnostic testing.

Accurate results

The test achieved 98.5% sensitivity and 99.5% specificity.

At home testing kit

Test whether you have been infected without having to visit a hospital.

Here at Keira Louisa Nutrition i offer a range of tests to help clients take charge of their own health, and to support changes within a clients diet and lifestyle, to help individuals thrive at optimum health levels.


As an approved supplier for Lorisian tests all tests are sent to Lorisian healthcare laboratories (part of York Test Laboratories) who are governed by the MHRA (Medicines Healthcare Regulatory Agency), and abide by the the International Organisation of Standardisation.