Back to basics nutrition programme

With so much conflicting health and wellness information out there, it can feel daunting and overwhelming when it comes to creating a healthier diet and lifestyle.


Sometimes we just need to go back to basics and create a diet that is full of whole foods, unprocessed foods, less sugar, alcohol and caffeine.

We need to learn the truth about the food we eat, and how it affects our bodies.

Learn how to eat mindfully, and create easy, manageable and long lasting healthy habits that can transform your wellness.


This may sound overwhelming, but i can show you how to do this in an easy, manageable and sustainable way


Creating a healthy diet is not about calorie counting, weighing yourself constantly, or measuring body fat. It is about creating a diet and lifestyle that works for your body. A diet that gives you energy, and helps your body thrive.


It is about balance


If you are someone who is ready and wants to make changes to their approach to the food they eat, and would like clarity in how to create a diet that works for their bodies needs without feeling hungry and restricted, then this programme is perfect for you.




                    What do you get in the back to basics nutrition programme

1 x 1.5 hours session (first call) 

3 x 1 hour sessions (weekly)


Personalised meal plans and shopping list for 30 days (4 plans in total)


A guide to how to support your gut health 


Mindful eating strategies


How to meal plan to ensure you are eating balanced meals


A guide to what freezer, fridge and cupboard staples to have to make eating healthy as easy as possible


Smoothie guide and recipes


Guide you in how to read nutritional labels


Simple swaps you can incorporate into your diet


Easy ways in how to significantly reduce refined sugars in your diet


Meal planner and kitchen organiser


Food diary templates


1 x 45 min call after the initial 30 days to ensure you are on track with your health goals.


A accountability partner for 60 days - I want you to reach your health and wellness goals which is why for 30 days after the programme has finished I will still support you via email to help you reach your goals


Your investment is just £395 until Monday 20th July when it will go back to £495